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$kull ₿eing Club is a collection of 6,000 generative portraits. Each of them is assembled randomly from a set of hand-painted parts. No two $kull ₿eings are alike. $kull ₿eing Club is minted on the Arbitrum Blockchain and are only available for purchase as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

sub title
Hippop bro I am from New York and we do things in a real way. Stay real bro! More Gallery on xNFT
Rock&roll star Never getting old is why rock&rolls become rare, of course a bunch of them did die young. Does skull become old? Well, rock stars in skull being club don't and we can't die again. More Gallery on xNFT
Sexybeach sis Put you sexy on girrrrls. We ain' need no sun cream, we ain' need no man. We please ourselves and we own our beauty in those places. More Gallery on xNFT
Hogwitch Avada Kedavra! Aha! Get you! I am not from Hogwarts though i am a hogwitch. We don't curse skulls, we are already cursed. More Gallery on xNFT
Skull the ripper You can't see my face under the mask, can you? But you can always track me by the smell of blood. More Gallery on xNFT
Vampire It's wine, not blood. More Gallery on xNFT
Vikie Why am I holding two fishes? because I only have two hands. More Gallery on xNFT
Rainbow Knight Do you see my horse? yeah, the white one. Always the white one. More Gallery on xNFT
Samurai I don't need to see, I only need to kill. More Gallery on xNFT
Scottish detective What you can see is me holding a magnifying glass, what you can not see is me wearing a scottish kilt. More Gallery on xNFT
$kull ₿eing Club Whitelist

500 $kull ₿eings mint for 0.01ETH

Follow our offcial twitter@skullbeingclub see how you can get'em

$kull ₿eing Club Public Mint

2500 $kull ₿eings mint for 0.05ETH each over Arbitrum

Rare skull being will be distributed randomly to whitelist mint and public mint.

Another 2,500 $kull ₿eings will be given away for whoever owns skull beings in the public mint period after its sold out.

Marketplace will be online

Once after all the skull beings are given away, marketplace for trading will be online in the official website of skull being club

Official $kull ₿eing Club Launch

Whoever owns a skull being will be admitted by the Official $kull ₿eing Club which is a crypto based game that blends DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (nonfungible tokens) technologies to allow players to own their own game assets and monetize them through the player as they play.

Every rare skull being with the pure blood represents a specific group leader according to their identity and every other skull beings are mix blood but they will belong to a group eventually according to which group they've contributed the most. Your skull being earns rewards in the $kull ₿eing Club when those rare skull being leaders are running different businesses(Vault) here, your skull being works for them, you'll get $SBC:

Stake your common skull being in a leader's vault, earn enough $SBC then you can choose to be upgrated to the second level skull being with a group tag as your blood comes pure. For those who owns rare skull being, usage is the same with the other common skull being in your level 1, but you are adimitted to the level 2 automatically. $SBC can also be used to purchase goods inside of the skull being club to accelerate your upgrading and to strenghthen your attributes.

$kull ₿eing Club Metaverse

The skull being you built during the first level will be your avatar in this $kull ₿eing Club Metaverse and social with other skull being. Upper your skull being are, more senarios you can unlock in $kull ₿eing Club Metaverse: ally, fight, explore, marrige, etc. Here, each skull being has an idendity:

1)Hippop bro is the resident rapper, never lose in battling;

2)Rock&roll star is the resident singer, he can fight too;

3)Sexybeach sis is the part-time dancer here, sometimes she sells alcohol;

4)Hogwitch takes care of the order of this club, sometimes he might take it too seriously, but this place can't keep going without him;

5)Skull the ripper kills, think about the burger they serve here, it must come from something somewhere;

6)Vampire, the wine producer. No beer serves here, beer ain' red;

7)Vikie, the fish server. Not good for your smell but good for your health;

8)Rainbow Knight does nothing except showing around, girls come searching for him;

9)Samurai is the best with sushi, how many people love sushi?

10)Scottish detective actually spends money here but people come to him asking for help that's how he paid his bill.

You will see at least 10 groups building their own unique villages and culture.It is becoming an expanded skull being club, feeding their residents with fresh ideas and all skull beings are creating the club as a world together.

$kull ₿eing Club Foundation

20% of the income will be used to purchase and collect skull being recreation from our community.

$kull ₿eing Club fashion product

For every $kull ₿eing Club member, shoes, hoodies, hats or T-shirts, a fashion product will be given away for your contribution.

Skull club remaining of 6,000/6,000, 0.05ETH for each skull being

Whitelist mint 0.01ETH

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